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How Much Time You Can Expect to Spend at the Dealership

Have you found yourself asking, “How long does it take to buy a car?” 

The amount of time it takes to buy a vehicle varies. Your level of preparedness, negotiation tactics, and whether or not you have a trade-in can all affect the time you spend at the dealership. 

By learning more about the average amount of time buyers spend at a dealership, you can learn how to reduce the amount of time you will spend buying a car. 

The Law of Averages 

The average amount of time that it takes to purchase a car is between three and six hours. Buying a car from a dealership will require you to complete several steps. These hurdles include finding the vehicle you want, test-driving, haggling, reviewing financial options, and paperwork.

These determining factors will influence the amount of time you spend at the dealership. 

how long does it take to buy a car at dealership

3 Reasons That a Car Purchase Takes So Long

Are you wondering, “How long does it take to buy a car?” If you’ve ever purchased a car before, you likely spent at least a day at the dealership.

But why? Here are the top three reasons that purchasing a vehicle can take so long. 

1. Lack of Preparation 

Most buyers visit a dealership without enough preparation. Being prepared can save you money on the purchase of a vehicle and the time spent at the dealership. 

You can be more prepared to purchase a car by getting approved for a loan before your visit, knowing the vehicle you want and the price you want to pay, and having your documentation in order. 

2. Price Negotiation 

Are you asking, “How long does it take to buy a car?” That depends on whether you intend to negotiate. 

While worth the time, negotiating the price of a car will take longer. It is not uncommon for dealerships to dawdle to get the buyer to accept the price they are offering. If a dealership does haggle with you, your salesperson will likely need to take offers back and forth to their boss for approval. 

However, price negotiation may be a necessary evil as it can save you thousands. 

3. Trade-Ins  

Finally, to answer, “How long does it take to buy a car?” you have to consider your trade-in. Having a trade-in will increase the amount of time you spend at a dealership. Trade-ins are another price point to haggle, and a dealership may want to test the vehicle before making an offer. 

Of course, you can avoid a trade-in entirely while still getting money for your old car. Junk yards Rochester NY pay cash for cars, regardless of the condition they are in. If you sell your vehicle before visiting a dealership, you can put the money from the sale toward your purchase.

how long does it take to buy a car at dealership

Reduce Your Potential Wait by Following This Document Checklist  

Answering, “How long does it take to buy a car?” allows you to reduce your wait time by being more prepared. Preparation will go a long way in determining the amount of time you can expect to spend at the dealership. 

Here is a checklist of all the documents that you should bring with you to the dealership: 

  • Payment: A personal check, credit card, or cashier’s check for the down payment. 
  • Identification: Your valid driver’s license. 
  • Trade-in Documents: Your trade-in’s title, proof of registration, and loan documentation. 

Wait Times on Special Orders 

When asking, “How long does it take to buy a car?” it is essential to know that the answer will also depend on whether the vehicle must be special ordered.

If you are dead set on a particular type of vehicle, down to the color and features, you may need to have the car special ordered. This process can take several weeks or several months, depending on the make, model, and year of the car. 

Selling Your Previous Vehicle 

Now that you have answered, “How long does it take to buy a car?” you must decide what to do with your previous vehicle. 

Selling junk cars doesn’t have to be time-consuming. If you do not sell your vehicle as part of a trade-in, you can sell your vehicle to a private buyer or another agency. Agencies that purchase used and junk cars often do so regardless of a vehicle’s condition. 

It’s worth taking the time to explore your options before buying your new car. If you sell your vehicle outside of the dealership, you can save time when you buy a new car.