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What Is the Safest Car Color: Car Colors Influence

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Updated December 24, 2022

When you’re in the market for a new car, there are several features you consider. One of the most significant features consumers research is the safety aspects and technologies included with any given car. While safety technologies are great, people are also paying more attention to other safety aspects, such as the vehicle color.

Have you ever wondered if the color of your car has a direct impact on your safety? Can your car color increase or decrease your visibility while on the road with other motorists?

If it does, then what is the safest car color? Although the link between your car color and safety is uncertain, it is good to know about the subject before purchasing a new car. 

Monash university accident research or university accident research Centre

What Car Colors Are Considered Safe?

In 2007, the Monash University Accident Research Center released a report linking car color and crash risk. According to the report, a white car is the safest car color. It is uncertain why a white car is the safest, but what is certain is that white stands out in almost all scenarios. When compared to other colors of cars, white cars are more visible in poor lighting conditions, and against the background of roads, trees, and cities.

Following closely after the color white is gold. Apart from its sharp color, gold can reflect light at night. Yellow is also a safe car color to go for since it’s bright and is extremely visible at any time of the day. It would be hard to miss a yellow car in the rain, fog, or snow. 

In 1907, John Hertz started a taxi business and picked yellow as the color of his taxis because he needed them to stand out. Today, most taxis in the world are yellow. According to a survey by the University of Chicago, yellow is the safest color to spot.

Lime green, orange, cream, beige, and pink are also moderately safe colors for the same reasons stated above. 

what is safest car color

Dangerous Car Colors 

Although black is the most popular car color, it is considered the most dangerous. This is because black cars are less visible at night, in the rain, fog, or snow. They have a much higher risk of getting into an accident than other car colors. They blend easily with roads and surrounding environments, making them less visible to other drivers. 

Like black cars, Gray and silver cars are hard to see in extreme weather and low light conditions because they effortlessly blend into the background. Blue cars are also considered unsafe because they blend in with the sky and are hard to see in low light conditions.

Red may appear vibrant, but it is not categorized as a safe car color. Red blends easily with brake lights, traffic lights, road signs, and sirens. Green cars also fall into this category because they blend with traffic lights, bus stops, grass, and trees.

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Other Risks Car Colors can Influence 

While crash risk is a real concern in your choice color of a car, it is not the only risk you face. Car theft is another risk. According to research conducted at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, car thieves avoid cars in unpopular colors because it’s difficult to resell.

While black, white, and silver cars are most likely to be stolen, yellow, green, and orange cars are the least popular among car thieves.

Your car color can also influence scratches and scuff marks. Scratches stand out more in cars with dark colors, like black and red than they do in light colors like white and silver.

Every car color has its benefits and disadvantages, depending on your needs. The best advice is to consider your options and pick the color that best suits you.

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