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Scrap Car Value Calculator

If you're looking to sell your used or scrap car, it's essential to know its value before you begin the process. That's where our car scrap value calculator comes in. Our calculator is designed to accurately estimate the cost of scrap cars in any condition, making it easier for you to get the best deal for your vehicle. Plus, with our calculator, you can save time and avoid the hassle of dealing with preparation and documentation yourself. Please enter your car's registration number to get an instant estimate of its value.

How do we calculate car scrap values?

There are a few different ways to estimate the value of a scrap car. One method is multiplying the car's weight by the current scrap metal price per ton. However, this can be time-consuming and inaccurate as it requires you to know the exact weight of your car and doesn't take into account the make and model of the vehicle. That's why we recommend using our online car scrap value calculator, which considers the year, make, and model of your car to provide a more accurate estimate of its value.

Scrap Car Value Online Calculator

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What factors influence car scrap values?

Several factors can affect the value of a scrap car, including the current market value of scrap metal, the type of metal the car is made of, and the seller's location. Generally, scrap metal prices vary by state and can range from $200 to $300 per ton, with some variations depending on demand and supply. For example, the cost of scrap metal in California is typically higher than in Texas or New York. Additionally, the type of metal can also affect the price, with steel generally being cheaper at around $150 to $200 per ton and aluminium being more expensive at around $1,000 per ton. It's essential to research the current prices in your area and consider the type of metal your car is made of to get the best price when selling your scrap car.

How can I sell my scrap car?

Selling your scrap car is easy with our car trade-in program. Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Contact us by saying, "I want to sell my scrap car"
  2. Step 2: Get an estimate of your car's value
  3. Step 3: Set a date and time for pickup
  4. Step 4: We'll come to your location to pick up your vehicle and pay you in cash

We also offer a private party value calculator for those looking to sell their car to a private party. Please enter your car's details in a private party sale to estimate its value. Our team is here to help you get the best value for your vehicle, whether you're selling it to a private party or us. So if you're ready to sell your scrap car, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Use our Scrap Car Value calculator above to determine the value of your vehicle, or use our Online Scrap Car Quote.

We have a total loss car value calculator available on our website. You can use it by following this link: is my car totalled calculator.


Who Buys a Scrap Car for Cash Near Me?

Our employees are in the same state and can come to you within a few hours after the request. You can sell your scrap car to USJunkCars.com

What documentation do you need to scrap a car?

All you need is a Title for the vehicle. But in some States, we can purchase vehicles without Titles depending on State regulations. Please call for more details at USJunkCars.com 1-888-871-4488

Can you scrap my car without paperwork?

We give scrap cars value without papers and documents, and your time is not wasted on unnecessary details.

Do I need to SORN my car before I scrap it?

No, you don't have to do absolutely anything with your car. We will pick it up in its original state.

How much does a junkyard pay for cars?

Since the nationwide prices for scrap metal are around $225 per ton, you can get about $565 for your car!