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8 Things to Do Before Scheduling for Junk Car Removal Service

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Updated December 26, 2022

Is your junk car eating up all the space in your yard? It’s time to let go and make some money while you’re at it.

Junk removal is the best way to get rid of a car that has eclipsed its life. It not only lets you salvage some cash from the scrap metal and second-hand parts, but also offers an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of an old vehicle.

But before you say goodbye to your old car, there are few things you should do to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and that you get the most out of the junk car removal service.

Before Selling Your Car as Junk, Do the Following...

1. Check for Valuable Items

Even if it is junk, it doesn’t mean that you should dispose of it without some dignity. Before you call a junk car removal company, clean up your junk car to ensure that nothing valuable remains in it.

Start by removing the roadside and registration kits. Then move onto the trunk and remove anything important that you might have forgotten. Afterward, check the glove compartment and door pockets.

Finish the cleanup process by checking the floor to ensure nothing valuable is left behind.

2. Take the License Plates Off

Detaching license plates from your junk vehicle is mandatory if you want to cancel your title and registration. Some states demand that you relinquish your license plates if you are not planning to transfer them to another vehicle.

3. Organize All Important Paperwork

To transfer all your car ownership rights and obligations to the junk removal company, you will need to produce documentation to prove that you’re indeed the owner of the car. These may include the title, vehicle registration, and your license.

Before you head out to the junkyard, organize everything into one folder for easy accessibility and reference. If you have lost some of the registration information, you can get a replacement at a relevant local authority near you.

4. Assess the Value of Your Car

Evaluate the damage to your car and come up with a Blue Book value for it. Junkyard dealers will ask a lot of questions about the condition of the car like “what is wrong with it”, “does it run”, “what’s broken”, and more.

So make sure that your arm yourself with as much information as you can to get the most out of your junk car.

5. Consider Repairing Your Car

If possible, consider making some minor repairs to make your car more roadworthy. Functional vehicles will fetch a lot more than those that don’t. You’ll even get back the money you spent on repairing it.

Moreover, some junk car dealers may charge you for their towing services. But if you can drive yourself there, you’ll save a significant amount of cash.

6.  Siphon Remnant Fuel

Chances are your junk car has some remnant gas in it. Make sure you empty the tank before you call the junk car dealer.

Don’t forget to siphon any remnant oil before you surrender it. By removing all the oil, you will not only get to reuse the fuel but also protect the environment from oil spills.

7. Get Price Quotes from Multiple Junk Car Dealers

Junkyards offer different prices. To get the best deal for your junk car, contact different dealers and ask for their price quotes. Ensure that you provide them with correct information about the condition of your car to avoid last-minute hitches.

8. Consider the Value of Selling Individual Parts

Sometimes, it is better to sell your car’s parts individually as opposed to selling the whole car to a junk car dealer. Therefore, do a little research to determine what offers better value.

If you aren’t conversant with car spare parts, have a mechanic inspect your car to determine whether you should sell it as a whole or in parts.

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Choosing the Best Junk Car Removal Service

As a rule of thumb, always prioritize junk car dealers who offer the best price. You should also go for a company with a spotless reputation. Get cash for your junk car at US Junk Cars.

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