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How to Sell a Car Fast in NY?

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Updated December 26, 2022

If there is an unwanted vehicle sitting on your property taking up space as it slowly loses usability, why not learn how to sell a car in NY and get cash for the car instead? People need vehicles across the state. Price the car right, advertise correctly and selling should be a simple task. Read below to learn how to sell a car in NY using the correct information for the state to secure a fast, sample sale.

Does the Car Still Run? How to Sell a Car in NYC That Still Runs

Selling a running car is fairly simple. Some makes and models sell faster than others simply due to popularity. However, most any running car will sell if the price is right. Follow the information below when you need to know how to sell a car in NY.

- Gather Documents: The vehicle title is the most important document you’ll need when selling a car, but it’s also important to include a vehicle history report, if available. If the vehicle title is unavailable, you may obtain, for a fee, a copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV.)
- Research Car Value: Never sell your car until learning its value. It's simple and quick to get this information and ensures that both you and the buyer receive a great deal. Kelley Blue Book is the most commonly used car value guide used today. Learn the value of the car that you want to sell using this or another trusted site.
- Prepare the Car for Sale: When you learn how to sell a car in NYC, you’ll learn that, much like selling a home, appearance is important. When a potential buyer looks at the car, they should instantly get the ‘wow factor.’ Take the car to the car wash, vacuum the interior, clean the tires and otherwise prep the vehicle so that first impression sells it in no time.
- Advertise: Do not randomly place ads for the car. This technique may result in a lot of unwanted and unnecessary phone calls, which wastes time. Craigslist is a popular car sales website. Social media also works wonders. Don't forget to advertise in the local newspaper and use word-of-mouth to spread the word.
- Be Ready to Sell: Prospective buyers will want to inspect and drive the car. Always meet them in a public location and go along for a test drive. If you feel uneasy at any time, move on to the next buyer.
- Complete a Bill of Sale: Once you strike a deal with a prospective buyer, complete a bill of sale and sign over the title to the buyer. Complete the backside of the title and have it notarized. Remove your tags from the vehicle before the buyer takes possession. You’re now free and clear of the vehicle.


How to Sell a Car Fast in NY  

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Want to Know How to Sell a Car in NY That Doesn’t Run?

Junk cars also bring cash! Find junk cars for cash buyer and selling even a non-operational vehicle is simple. Non-running cars still contain valuable parts and components. Sometimes the junk cars are actually repairable with the right expert. Selling your car to such a buyer recycles the working parts and components and helps out another driver. The exact amount of money you’ll earn for the vehicle varies. Factors such as the make and model, condition, and location impact the offer. However, junk car buyers remove the car from the property at no cost to you and put money in your hands for a vehicle that’s only taking space.

Want to know how to sell a car in NY if it fits into the ‘junker’ category? It’s just as simple as selling any other car, if not easier. In fact, some people sell running cars to junk car buyers simply because it’s so easy.

- Find a Junk Buyer: You won't place an ad in the paper to sell my junk car as you would selling a running car. No two buyers provide the same pricing schedule, reliability or professionalism as the next. Research the junk car buyers ahead of time. Choose a provider with experience, competitive pricing, and professionalism.
- Decide the Amount of Money You Want: keep in mind that cash for junk car buyers pays less than other buyers. However, you may not be comfortable accepting a certain amount. Make this decision ahead of time.
- Get an Appraisal: Junk car buyers offer free vehicle appraisals and quotes, giving you a prize for the car. Accept or decline the offer. The offer price is based on factors such as the vehicle age, make and model, current condition, etc. If you accept the offer, you'll complete the sales paperwork and have cash in your hands very soon thereafter.


How to Sell a Car Fast in NY

Now that you know how to sell a car in NY, why not list that car for sale or call a junk car buyer? The car is doing nothing more than taking up space on your property when it ould put cash in your hands. Follow the above steps when selling your car and eliminate the headache and hassle of this process.

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