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USJunkCars.com believes in honest business, so you can expect an honest offer for your car. We do not low ball our customers. We pay the same amount that we offer via your FREE telephone quote. Simply contact us with the year, make, and model. USJunkCars.com has several means of contact for your convenience. Email, submit an online form or call USJunkCars.com at 1-888-488-5115. One of our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives will help you get fast cash for your junk car today! In minutes, we'll give you an upfront offer without forcing you to fork over all of your personal information.  There are no charges for our service, no hidden fees, and no deductions…just honest business!

Selling your call via USJunkCars.com is easy, effective and risk-free. If you don’t like our offer, don’t sell, it’s that simple!