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Pre-Owned vs. Certified? The Difference Between A Certified Car and A Used Car

Are you in the market for a car and you’re considering whether to go for a brand new car or a used car? With the price of new cars increasing daily, more people go for used cars.

However, you do not want to save money on what looks like a good deal on a used car, only to end up paying more in repairs. When going for a used car, you should choose between a pre-owned car vs. a certified car.

Most likely, everyone would know a brand new car when they see one, but many would not know the difference between a certified car and a used car.

What is a Certified Car?

A certified pre-owned car or CPO is a pre-owned car that was lightly used and has undergone a rigorous inspection. It is backed by a manufacturer’s extended warranty. Certified pre-owned cars have lower mileage and fewer repairs when compared to typical used cars.

What Does Pre-Owned Mean?

A pre-owned car is a previously owned car that has not gone through an inspection and does not come with a warranty. Pre-owned cars are usually cheaper than certified cars. They have higher mileage and sometimes have a lot of repairs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal out of a pre-owned car.

New car vs. used car

Pre Owned vs. Certified

For affordability, used cars are a better choice, but they come with uncertainties. Below are the differences between a certified car and a pre-owned car.

  1. Certified Cars Come With Warranty, Pre-Owned Do Not 

One hurdle that comes with buying a used car is the lack of a safety net when something goes wrong. While certified and pre-owned cars are both used cars, certified cars come with a warranty. 

This gives you the reassurance and peace of mind a brand new car would give, without having to spend too much. A pre-owned car does not come with a warranty and you will buy at your own risk.

  1. Pre-Owned Cars are Cheaper than Certified Cars

A certified car is usually more expensive than an equivalent of a pre-owned car. The reason for this is the warranty coverage, cost of repairs, and other fringe benefits. A pre-owned car wouldn’t come with these benefits, so the cost is relatively low.

 What is the difference between a certified car and a used car

  1. CPO Undergo Standard Inspection, Pre-owned Do Not

For a car to be labeled CPO, it has to pass a multi-point inspection that covers both the mechanical and electronic components. Since the manufacturer or dealer will be responsible for any repairs within the warrantied timeframe, they ensure the car is in good shape before selling it. 

If a car doesn’t pass this inspection, it can either be repaired or won’t be sold as a CPO. However, a pre-owned car doesn’t come with this benefit.

  1. CPO is well maintained compared to Pre-Owned

A certified pre-owned is a relatively new car with low mileage and good maintenance. A typical pre-owned car has higher mileage and cannot boost of good maintenance.

pre-owned vs. certified

Is It Worth Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars? 

Besides a higher price tag, a certified car is worth investing in. When you consider the warranty, all-round inspection, and the peace of mind that comes with a CPO, it is obvious it has the upper hand when compared to a typical pre-owned car.

If you’re considering the price of a CPO, you can always trade-in your junk car for cash, instead of letting it take up space in your garage. Adding that cash to your car budget will help you get a better car.

Do not take our word for it, but the CPO market is on high demand, and for good reasons too. Before you decide on what car to go for, ensure you research extensively and remain vigilant.