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How to Protect Your Car From Hail?

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Updated December 24, 2022

A hail storm is a natural and catastrophic disaster. Most natural disasters are unpredictable, and this means that almost everyone gets caught unaware. Hail can cause million-dollar losses and sometimes lives. The big question is, can you protect yourself and property from such destruction, especially your car?

Most auto insurance companies will tell you that a lot of motorists do not know how to protect their cars from hail damage. It is good that you have gained interest in this topic because, like they always say, ‘protection is better than cure.’ Of course, not curing a disease but going through the hassle of following up for insurance coverage or the inconvenience of not having a ride anymore. That said, here are few tips on how to protect your car from hail.

protect car from hail

Park Your Car If Hail Hits When You Are Driving

You cannot protect your car from hail damage if you keep driving under a hail storm. Look for any covered shelter around the place you are driving. While it can be hard to decide or locate the right and safe place to go for coverage, put your faith in the GPS on your phone. It could be a gas station or a parking garage near you. Most malls and restaurants have parking garages that are covered, and it would be a good idea to rush there ASAP. Otherwise, do not just park anywhere on the road.

What If There Is No Covered Shelter Near You?

Most people will be lucky to find a covered shelter, but this is not always the case. This is where you go for option B, which means covering your car with a hail car cover — hopefully, you have one. These are some of the car gears that you should always have to help you protect your vehicle from hail — it is a matter of being proactive. You can get a car cover in your nearest auto supplies store. After all, hail storms are unpredictable and can happen anywhere and anytime.

If you do not have a car cover, use blankets or doormats to cover the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Make sure that the side windows are adequately covered and then use a tape duct to prevent the mats or the blanket from being blown away by the strong wind. The mats are good at protecting the windshields. It may not protect your car from all hail damages, but it is better than nothing. You will obviously save some money.

Clear the Surrounding Area

This is a pre-emptive measure that will help to protect your car from possible hazards in case of a hail storm. For instance, cut those hanging branches, repair the loose roof tiles, or fix that TV aerial that is not correctly installed. These are some of the things that will cause more harm to your car in case a strong wind strikes your home area. It would be more comfortable to rest in the middle of a hail storm, knowing the surrounding is clear.

Do Not Ignore the Weatherman

Some people do not bother to listen to the weatherman, while others will listen or check the weather but still opt to ignore the warning signs. This is not only careless, but you are also taking a bad risk by exposing your car to a possibility of hail damage.

If the weather forecasters say that a storm might occur, protect your vehicle by keeping it at home or office garage until the storm is over. Before you leave, check the weather as well to avoid inconveniencing yourself along the way. Also, keep listening to weather updates during a hail storm to know when it is safe and clear to start moving again.

How To Protect Your Car From Hail Without A Garage

Get a Compressive Insurance Cover If Your Area Hails a Lot

If you live in a place where it hails a lot, you must always go out prepared for the possibility of a storm. You must know how to protect a car whenever driving in such an area. As stated earlier, the first thing you should consider having is a hail cover. Another strategic measure you can take is getting a comprehensive insurance cover against hail damages. Some storms could be powerful to cause damages that go as high as $5,000. That is a big chunk of money to settle when you did not plan for it.

Always Park Your Car in a Safe Spot at Work

Some people are ever in a hurry and never bothered about natural disasters. Well, we shouldn’t always walk or drive with the consciousness that something terrible might happen, but do not ignore that possibility either. As long as you have a space in the work building where you can park your car under a shelter, prioritize taking that spot. If you didn’t park under shelter, but you later notice that a storm is coming from a particular direction, go ahead and move your car near a building and in a safer place.

Decide When to Stay in Your Vehicle During a Hail Storm

Knowing how to protect car from hail is essential, but always remember that a hail storm can also cause severe injuries on your body as well. Stay inside your car during a hail storm. However, if you feel threatened to stay inside the car, secure the car and then look for a safe place to hide until the hail storm is over. Only leave your car if it feels necessary.

What If You Do Not Have a Garage?

Hail storms do not choose who to strike and who not to. Instead of feeling sorry and do nothing, get to know how to protect your car from hail without a garage. If you are a motorist who lives in an apartment without a covered garage, think about renting one. It might cost you some dollars, but it will save you a lot more in case a hail storm occurs.

Another option to protect your vehicle from a hail storm, especially minor ones, is by investing in high-quality car paints. A paint that is engineered through nano-coating technology will help your car to heal quickly from scratches, scuffles, and other exposure traumas. Sometimes you just need to go out of your ways to protect your valuables. Such paint might also increase the lifespan of your car.

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Are you facing a hail storm, and you feel stuck?

Whether you are driving, at home, or in office, you need to have information on how to protect car from hail. Think about your surroundings first and decide on the best precaution or measure to take. Also, consider the things you have at that moment — regardless of what it is, remember it is all you have for now. For instance, do you have a hail cover, blanket, or mats? Make use of it.

Secondly, do not expose yourself to a danger that you could have avoided in the first place. You can start by subscribing to weather alerts and keep yourself and your car safe inside the house, garage, or whichever place you are at the moment. Finally, remember your life matters as well — do not go out of your ways to protect your car only to end up injured or even die.

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