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Top Ways to Make an Older Car Feel Like New Again

If you are trying to decide whether or not to “junk my ride” there are a few things you might do before that drastic step instead. After all, cars these days are made better than ever, and will last a long time if cared for. Also, they are more expensive than ever, so deciding to upgrade to a newer model might not be an option. Maybe it's better to fix up that old ride instead of junk it. Let's talk about how to make a car look new!

Clean Up Your Act

OK, so how to make an old car look new again? Probably the first thing to talk about is giving that old ride a proper detailing. You can do it yourself in an afternoon, call a mobile detailer or take it to an auto detail shop. Washing the exterior, thoroughly cleaning and detailing the interior, and completing a wax job will leave you feeling better about your car than you have in years, and it may point out flaws like scratches in the paint, door dings, and rips and stains in the interior, which you can then decide how to repair.

how to make an old car look new

Department of the Interior

Now that you have had the vehicle deep cleaned, it's time to assess if anything needs to be replaced, repaired, or covered. How to make a car look new? Spruce up that interior! Leather seats can usually be repaired if they are not too far gone, and for less than you might expect. There are mobile options here, with professionals that come out and repair your seats without having to remove them from the car. Cracked dash pads can be covered inexpensively, carpets can be covered with new mats or replaced-- sometimes in sections and for less than expected. Headliners can be reglued if they are hanging down, and dealers of course will stock parts like sun visors and small interior trim pieces that, once replaced, seem to make a lot of difference in the look and feel of a car's interior. An important part of any car's interior is the technology inside. Upgrading that old stereo with a bluetooth-capable unit, maybe an Apple play or Android deck, or one with a backup camera or GPS. All are relatively easy to install these days on most car models, and are how to make an old car look new again.

Don’t Overlook Your Glass

Go out on a sunny day and really take a look at your windshield. If there are not too many pits or chips, then a thorough cleaning with steel wool can remove all the gunk from your glass. If the car is over five years old, there is a very good chance that your glass is pitted and in need of replacement. How to make an old car look new is to replace what you look at the most: the windshield. Obviously, if there are cracks or large chips in the windshield, it's time for a new one. There are lots of mobile companies that will come to you at your home or work, and some insurance companies offer plans with low or no deductibles. You may be covered for a new windshield and not even know it!

Nice headlights

How to make a car look new? Repair or replace those dingy, yellowing headlights! Over time, the plastic used on most headlights begins to break down, causing a cloudy residue to build up on the lens. Not only is it unattractive, but it's also dangerous to drive with foggy headlights.You can choose to replace them by sourcing cheap aftermarket lamps, or go to the local junkyard to find better used examples. Many online tutorials can walk you through cleaning the lenses for an ultra-inexpensive solution. When you are done with the headlights, use a friend to help check all your turn signals, brake lights, and backup lights and then replace any bulbs that have burned out, because that is how to make a car look new!

how to make an old car look new

Take Stock of Your Rolling Stock

If your car's exterior seems plain and boring, one of the best and easiest (if not least expensive) ways how to make an old car look new is to replace the wheels and tires. If your car came with steel wheels and plastic hubcaps, buying alloy wheels is a great way to instantly upgrade your car’s feel and attractiveness. Chrome wheels are a very dated look now, so going with black, white or rims painted to match the car will update your look. Cheaper options here include plasti-dipping or painting your existing wheels yourself, or looking in a salvage or junk my car lot for parts. By looking online, you can find interchange for wheels on models similar to your particular car for wheels that will bolt right on, and then you will have factory OEM-quality rims that will look like the car came with them. . Only you will know you sourced the parts at a junkyard or from the internet!

This Part is Exhausting

Does your car rattle or sound like an air leak at idle? Do your friends tell you your car sounds like a tractor or chainsaw? When you hit the gas does the noise drown out the radio? If you answered yes, it's time to look under the backside of your ride at your exhaust system. While factory options are usually costly, your local muffler shop can easily and cheaply patch up your current system or replace it with aftermarket parts. Then, you can sneak up on your friends again! How to make an old car look new? Chrome exhaust tips of course!

how to make an old car look new

Get Your Body in Shape

Older cars are going to accumulate dents, dings and scratches. One of the best ways how to make an old car look new is to fix up the exterior. Now, an allover repaint can be more expensive than your car is worth, so that is not likely a good option, but there are other alternatives. If your car has collision damage, and is in need of a new fender, door, or bumper cover, then seek out a locally-owned body shop and get an estimate. Large corporate body shops can't really cut deals, but the local shops may be more affordable than you might think. Also, don't rule out going to a local junk my car or pull-a-part yard. These businesses allow people to junk cars for cash, and then they give you access to them to harvest parts yourself. With a little know how gleaned from the internet, the average person can easily pull a fender or bumper cover off a junked car, and if you are really lucky, it might already be the right color too! For smaller dings, a paintless dent repair (PDR) specialist can be called in. Once again, these are professionals that often make house calls. They will complete a thorough estimate first, and they literally charge by the dent, so you will know exactly what you are paying for before you buy! If your car has scratches in the finish but the paint is still intact, then you can buff them out in most cases. Inexpensive buffers can be purchased, but you will want to take care and go slowly here, as power tools can do damage quickly if you are inexperienced.