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The Best Car Safety Tips for Autumn

Fall is in the air. Trees are changing colors, and you see leaves dancing in midair just before hitting the ground. The weather is not extremely hot nor too cold, great for a weekend trip to the lake or the next alpine town. 

While the roads are not winter-slippery, travelers should observe fall driving safety tips to avoid accidents.

What are the Different Safety Tips for Fall Driving?

Accidents increase during October as the wet and cold fall weather creeps in. Add to that, paths filled with fallen leaves contributing to an increased risk of people slipping and vehicles skidding. 

Days become shorter, too. The lack of light affects the driver’s vision. Nevertheless, all these circumstances become manageable when you follow car safety tips for autumn.

Drive on Leave-less Roads

Have you tried trekking during autumn and realize how slippery wet leaves are? Well, the risk of losing car control is higher when you drive on uncleared roads. 

For autumn safety, where possible, avoid driving on roads filled with leaves. You can bring a handy rake with you to clear the driveway at your vacation cabin. 

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Avoid Using the Brakes on Leaves

When driving on leave-less roads is not possible, then you can reduce the risk of accidents by not stepping on the brakes while driving on roads filled with leaves. Due to wet weather, leaves are likely to be slippery, especially in the morning when the dew still on the surface. 

When you brake abruptly, the vehicle will likely skid on the leaves. You do not want to lose control, so go slowly to ensure fall driving safety. 

Check the Weather Forecast

Of the total vehicular accidents in the United States, approximately 21% are related to weather. Always tune in to the latest weather report and follow prescribed fall weather safety tips. 

You can schedule your trips around weather forecasts. You are safer driving on a sunny day than on a rainy-day during fall. Check out precipitation, sunrise and sunset times, and wind patterns. 

Weather information will guide you on what to bring and when best to hit the road. 

autumn safety tips

Maintain a Safe Driving Distance

Understandably, you may be in a rush to get home when the weather starts to act up or when the night closes in early. The lack of visibility increases the risk of accidents. 

But do not forget to maintain a safe driving distance between your car and other vehicles. Such distance prevents a domino effect of accidents and is always a good driving tip, regardless of the season. 

Distance also gives you an escape when nearby vehicles have gotten into an untimely accident.

Check Tire Pressure

Wet or damp roads cause the tires to skid. Applying the right tire pressure contributes to good tire performance and helps keep road accidents at bay. In general, tire pressure decreases by 1 PSI every month. 

During colder seasons, the rate increases, causing your tire pressure to decrease 1 PSI every 10-degree temperature drop. You may need to meticulously check your tire pressure every 3 to 4 hours or so for fall weather safety.

Wear Sunglasses

Besides looking cool, wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the sun glare, which is common during autumn. During autumn, the distance between the sun and the horizon is closer. Its rays, therefore, often hit surfaces that glare, affecting the driver’s vision. 

In some locations, rays are way too blinding to go on driving without protection, and so one of the fall driving tips is to wear sunglasses. The glasses help you see through the nuisance reflection. Also, keep your windshields clean. 

 fall driving safety tips

Keep Headlights Moderate

As much you wish to avoid accidents, you do not want to cause accidents to fellow motorists. Fall safety tips would have you keep your headlights moderately high at night. The lights could neither be too low that you cannot see clearly nor too high that the effect is blinding for you and the other drivers. 

Particularly in dark places, car lights can bounce off surfaces, leading to altered vision. To respect fellow drivers, drive slowly and keep your headlights just the right level. 

Avoid Driving in Unfamiliar Terrains

Unfamiliar terrains cause road accidents during autumn when fog becomes apparent and affects your vision. Sharp turns, unpaved roads, or deep trenches often catch the driver off-guard. 

Unless you have a navigation guide that accurately detects depth and road bends, you are better off postponing your weekend trip until the weather clears. Autumn weather in some places can be unpredictable. It can rain in an instant, and evaporation causes sudden fog build-up.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

Fall hazards include untimely car breakdowns. Imagine speeding down the highway when your engine suddenly stops. The driver behind you, caught by surprise and unable to reduce speed on time, may bump into your trunk. 

The impact affects both cars. But performing regular car maintenance as part of your autumn safety tips could have prevented the series of unfortunate events. 

If you are driving an old car, then you have a more compelling reason to conduct regular checks. Keep car fluids at an optimum level. Check tire pressure. Lights should always be functional. Other parts to inspect are the brakes, wipes, and, of course, the engine. 

You will find other car safety tips on the web. You can perform the checks yourself or visit an auto shop. The latter option is more convenient and helps you resolve hidden car problems. 

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How USJunkCars can Help You with Your Fall Driving

When it comes to your safety, you cannot afford to be complacent. If you think that your car is beyond repair, it is better to hire the services of USJunkCars to tow away your old car. Rather than allowing your car to sit in the parking lot for years, you can exchange it for cash.

Our company is willing to pay you for your junk car regardless of its condition. We provide fast service to all our clients, making it easy and convenient for you.