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How to Get into a Locked Car?

Locking your keys in the car isn’t the end of the world, although we hope you aren’t reading this in your moment of need as we say this. Sure, it’s frustrating, it’s time-consuming and it’s annoying. If others are around when it occurs, it's also pretty embarrassing. But, take a breath of relief and relax. We’ve all locked our keys in the car at least once. Most of us have experienced the problem on multiple occasions. The key to overcoming a locked key in the car situation is to breathe, as mentioned, and learn how to get into a locked car when it happens.

First Things First

It’d be nice if you weren’t really locked out of the car, don’t you agree? It’s all a horrible nightmare or maybe your mind is playing tricks on you and now, there is no reason to learn how to get into a locked car. Although you may really be in the situation, there may be an easy way inside that you should consider before going into a panic or trying other methods. Are the car windows cracked enough to reach inside to unlock the door? Do you have a spare key? Is the trunk unlocked or is there a separate key for trunk entry that will allow you to access the interior? Many people forget these possible entrance points after locking the keys in the car. Take a deep breath and try out other entry points. Perhaps your problem is already solved with this quick resolution. If so, you are welcome and can thank us later.

How to Get into a Locked Car

Look Around

Sometimes, it takes nothing more than the right item to km your way back inside the car. Take a look around you in search of any items that may help you get back inside the car. A shoelace, for example, is a perfect tool if your car uses post locks. The post lock has a lock that pulls up and down. First, tie a slip knot. It’s a good time to learn how to tie this knot if you’re not already familiar. Make the loop five inches left of the center. This may take some trial and error but works more often than it doesn’t. You may also find that a coat hanger works wonders to help unlock the doors. Keep in mind that a coat hanger can also cause massive damage if it is used incorrectly.

Prepare for the Situation

Prepare for the unexpected before you leave home. When we rush, accidents and mishaps occur. Lockouts may occur more frequently than you realize, but preparing for the situation always eases the day. Many of the items you’ll need to unlock a car door are sold at home improvement and auto body store, and of course, online. Various items offer easy entrance back inside a car after a lockout. When people ask how to get into a locked car without a headache, experts agree this option works best. A spare key is one item that can protect you. Keep the key on your person. An air wedge, slim jim, lock pick, or a universal door unlock kit also come in handy during lockout situations.

Call a Professional

Sometimes, nothing will get you back inside the car after a lockout except the services offered by a professional. If you want to know how to get into a locked car without lifting a finger, this is your answer. Professional locksmiths offer 24/7 lockout service, rushing to your location with the tools, equipment, and expertise to unlock the doors on any vehicle you drive. Costs for lockout service, but it’s always a small price to pay during such an emergency. When you call a locksmith, have information such as your location and vehicle make and model available for the receptionist. This ensures the professional gets to your location fast.

AAA/Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is an add-on service available with your auto insurance policy for a small fee each month. If you elected for the coverage, you’re in luck when you’ve locked the keys in the car. Give them a call and they’ll come out to unlock the vehicle day or night. The covered amount that AAA/roadside assistance varies from one policy to the next. However, be aware that paying out of pocket is still a possibility. Towing fees may also be covered under an AAA/roadside assistance agreement in the event the locksmith cannot regain entrance into the vehicles.

Unexpected Problems

As luck would have it, problems oftentimes stand between what should be a simple fix and a myriad of frustrations, especially when it comes to a car door lock. For example, certain models of cars cannot be opened no matter what type of tool you use to pry it open. The BMW brand car, for example, has locks that cannot be opened. This is yet another reason why professional service is the best option for your lockout needs.

How to Get into a Locked Car

How to Get into a Locked Car: The Best Option

As bad as you may hate to admit it, calling out a locksmith when you lock the keys in the car is really the best option. The truth is, unless you’re a professional, any of the entry methods on this list can damage the car. AAA is expensive each month, especially considering that you may rarely need the help. Locksmiths charge a low one-time fee for the service and can come to any location in town 24-hours per day. They offer professional, reliable service that puts your mind at ease and keeps you out of harm’s way while eliminating the need to learn how to get into a locked car.