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Why Do Car Batteries Die?

Batteries are everywhere – in your computer, your TV remote, and your phone. Your car also has a battery, even though it’s a bit different than the others.

Since your car is a much more powerful machine that requires more electricity, it needs a battery capable of supplying an applicable amount of electricity. 

However, the battery in your car does have something in common with the batteries in your other devices. None of them last forever. Even if they come from the best brand and are cared for in the best way, there’s no getting around it – one day they’ll die. 

Why do car batteries die? More specifically, what activities can cause a battery to die faster? Knowing this can help you keep it alive longer, which allows you to avoid replacement costs.

Electric Features Left Running Too Long

When you’re asking, “why do car batteries die?” you’re talking about multiple components – not just the battery itself. Your car has many components, and all of them depend on the battery in some way. It isn’t just your engine that requires an electrical current to operate. Your car has many features, used for both safety and luxury purposes, that consume electricity from the car’s battery.

These include things like the lights – headlights, interior lights, and even flashers all use battery life. If you leave these on, you’re running down the battery and shortening its lifespan. Common mistakes include leaving the door ajar, which causes the inside dome light to stay on, in some models. 

Your luxury and entertainment amenities also consume battery power. When you’re stopped, it can be tempting to leave the air conditioning running on a hot day, or the heater running on a cold day. You may also want to leave the radio on to listen to music. However, all these things will drain your battery. Even if you don’t leave any of them on for a long time, doing this regularly will drain your battery fast.

You can also experience battery problems if you don’t take care of it. Why do car batteries die because of a lack of maintenance? Batteries with dirty terminals may break down more quickly simply because the corrosion, debris, and grime interfere with the processes the battery uses to transfer power to the parts that need it.

Why Do Car Batteries Die

Can Nature Wear Down the Battery?

While the battery can wear down because of the amenities you use in your car, nature can also take its course. Sometimes parts of the battery wear down due to age or manufacturing defects, and sometimes even the climate can cause a battery to lose power.

Why do car batteries die even if they seem to be in good shape? Even parts that aren’t on the battery itself can cause it to wear down and not function properly in some cases. The diode bridge or the alternator’s voltage regular, for example, can charge the battery while the engine is running. If these components experience a problem, the battery won’t get the power it needs.

Even a cold climate can cause battery problems. If there is a low air temperature outside, your battery may freeze. The chemical reactions that take place need to have a proper climate in order to work. If the temperature is too low, the battery may struggle to operate properly and can lose power.

The question of why car batteries die doesn’t always have to do with things people do with their batteries. Sometimes batteries can simply break down because of the conditions of the environment and the parts that are connected to them.

Is a Car Salvageable Without a Good Battery?

When you’re asking why car batteries die, you likely know that the car can’t work without one. When you’re considering making a replacement, you may look at the car as a whole and wonder if you’d be better off replacing the entire thing.

People selling junk cars sometimes find that their batteries are salvageable. If your battery isn’t in good condition, and if most of the parts in your car are also failing, you may want to consider selling it.

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