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Why A Car Loses Power?

The roar of the horses beneath the hood, and the feeling of them galloping as you blast down the pavement – it’s a feeling like no other.

Your car is a powerful machine. Even though some cars are more powerful than others, and somedays you may wish your powertrain had a pinch more power, it’s amazing how automobiles can offer the power we need to get places quickly or get over tough terrain.

Cars do these things – until they don’t.

We often don’t think about the power cars have until they don’t have it anymore. Knowing why a car loses power can help you understand your vehicle a little better. This may help you keep it in better condition, and get it repaired quicker.

For starters, to discover why a car loses power, it is important to know how they generate power.

How a Car Generates Power for Movement

A car is a spectacular machine because there are so many parts working together in a seamless manner. The electrical components in your car like the battery and cables generate an electric spark which provide the base power for the mechanical components.

Gasoline is still used in most cars, and this is used in a combustion process that helps the engine move, which then transfers its power to the frame and wheels so you can steer your car and power it across tough terrain.

In short, your car generates power by relying on combustion processes and electrical reactions, coupled with several distinct mechanical parts working in conjunction with one another. 

Why a Car Loses Power

What Are Some Potential Causes of Car Power Loss?

If you want to know why a car loses power, there are a few possibilities as to what the cause may be. Checking these can help a motorist identify why a car is slowing down or why it is struggling on certain types of terrain.

1. Low Compression

You know that the combustion process is involved in making your vehicle move. However, compression is also a factor, as it ensures the fuel can be used properly, so the engine has adequate power. When cylinder compression is lower than it should be, expect power to be low as well.

2. Failing Fuel Filter

The fuel filter ensures clean and safe fuel is the only thing that gets to the engine’s combustion chamber, so foreign substances don’t break down your engine. However, in some cases, no fuel may be able to get there at all. This is what happens when the filter gets clogged, and sometimes this can happen simply due to the age of the part or due to damage. The question of why a car loses power can sometimes be blamed on a simple filter. 

3. Faulty Air Filter

Air is another integral component in the combustion process your engine uses to generate power to run your vehicle. This air comes from outside of your vehicle, but it can often bring with it bugs and debris. A good air filter will stop these from mixing with the fuel, but a faulty filter that’s clogged or too old will not do the job. It will either allow debris to mix with the fuel which can break the engine down or stop adequate airflow which can have the same negative impact on the engine.

4. Sensor Malfunctions

Sensors like the Mass Airflow and Oxygen sensors control the amount of oxygen a car needs to accelerate and the amount of gas that exits the engine, respectively. When either of these is malfunctioning due to damage or age, your engine may be struggling to operate at optimal levels. If you’re wondering why a car loses power, sometimes the tiniest sensor can be causing this huge problem. 

5. Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs transmit an electrical signal to the combustion chamber of your engine after they receive it from the ignition coil. As an integral part of the process in transferring electricity, their failing means the engine won’t be getting the power it needs and you’ll notice the change when you’re driving. Even one faulty spark plug can impact your car.

Why a Car Loses Power

Should You Abandon a Failing Car?

Now that you know a few reasons why a car loses power, you may wonder if a faulty car can be salvaged. If your car is constantly getting repaired, you may want to look into getting it replaced – it could be more affordable to find a place that offers junk car pick up for cash.

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