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How to Increase the Price of Your Car?

If you’ve got a car in your driveway or garage you no longer need, you may have a potential pile of cash sitting around. The question is, how do you make that pile a little higher?

The average price of a used car can vary depending on multiple factors. Owners tend to overestimate the price of cars, simply because they have a personal attachment to the vehicle. However, it is also important not to underestimate it, as no one wants to let go of a car without getting the most money possible.

Knowing the average price of a used car is important for getting the best price – and if you don’t like the number you arrive at, what can you do to raise it higher?

How to Increase the Price of Your Car

Find a Number Then Find What’s Bringing it Down

When you are looking for the average price of a used car, the first thing you’ll likely do is check the bluebook value. This is a reliable number to go by, but if you want a second opinion, visit your local auto specialist and have them do a check to see what they think the car is worth. 

The price of your used car may be brought down by a number of factors. If it is lower than you thought, consider what could be pulling it downward. Is it the age? Wear is bad for a car, as it makes the vehicle seem more prone to breaking down, and the years add up quickly.

Maybe damage or accident history is the issue. Even if a car has been repaired and looks ago, a history of damages means it could be susceptible to more damage in the future. 

Once you know what’s causing the number to slip downward, you have an idea of how to make it move upward. The average price of a used car can be increased by making simple changes and upgrades.

3 Simple Ways to Increase the Price of Your Car

The average price of a used car doesn’t have to stay average – you can move it upward with these simple tips.

Clean the Car

This may seem simple, but it is a great way to make a car look better and more valuable. Clean the car up before you go to sell it. Wash it down with soap and water, and make sure you dry it completely. Give it a good coat of wax and polish to make it gleam and look new.

You may also want to buff out scratches, pull dents (or have an expert do it), and even repaint areas that are chipped or faded. The tiniest details may have the biggest impact on your car’s value when you go to sell it. 

Put in Custom Work

A car is just like any other asset – it’s constantly depreciating if you aren’t doing anything to improve its value. While the average price of a used car may be brought down by damages, it can be brought up by modifications and additions. 

Add new paint, new interior materials, new tech features, and other work to help improve the look and functionality of your car. Even if these things aren’t costly changes, the overall change they make to the car may be noticeable when it comes time to sell it.

Emulate Modern Car Features

Have cars changed a lot since your car was bought? The price of a used car may be driven down, as new models come on the market with better features. If that is the case, try imitating those features when you make custom work to your car.

You could have body work done to achieve the unique contours of a modern vehicle, or even add more modern parts beneath the hood or inside the cab. The result could be a better car that pulls in more money. 

How to Increase the Price of Your Car

Getting the Most for Your Old or Junk Car

When you are selling junk cars, or even used cars that are still in good shape, you can get a decent payout if you fix your car up.

If you know what impacts the price and how you can drive that number up, you may be able to fetch more money than you realize. 

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