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10 Things You Need to Know When You Junk a Car for Money

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Updated February 17, 2023

It’s just a hunk of junk, right?

Not so fast – that failing automobile sitting in your driveway may have seen better days, sure. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth something.

If you’re looking to trade junk cars for money, you should know the process is a bit more complex than some people would assume. Even though you’re not dealing with a brand new hot rod, there are still some things to know when you’re looking to answer the question of – “who will buy my junk car?”

Things to Remember When Trading Junk Cars for Money

If you’re looking to swap junk cars for money, it’s easy – so long as you know the right steps in the process and how everything comes together. Remember these important points.

No Car is Too Far Gone

Is your rust bucket looking less like a car and more like a giant hunk of metal? 

Don’t fret – even if there are only a few salvageable parts, they are still worth money. Even if there aren’t the metal itself can be recycled for cash. 

It’s Worth Shopping Around

You may feel that if you have a junk car and you’re wanting someone to buy it, you must take what you can get. Have a bit more confidence – your junker may be worth more than you think. It is worth it to shop around from different companies.

Multiple Organizations May Buy It

From your local car dealership to the regional scrap yard, there are various organizations that may be willing to purchase junk cars for money. These organizations use the frames, parts, and metal for various purposes.

Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Even if it’s a junker, you may need to obtain proper paperwork. This can include proof purchase, a certificate of ownership, or even registration documents. This is true whether the junker is road ready or not.

junk cars for money

Road Ready Junk Cars Fetch More Money

If your junk car is junky but still mobile, it may be worth a bit more. Cars that are close to being mobile and still have a chance of being salvaged can get even more money. Selling junk cars for money is about determining what they can offer, and then basing the price off that.

Get an Estimate in Mind

When you’re selling junk cars for money, don’t go into the sales process without a number in mind. Research the car’s value based on its make and model, then factor in the wear and damage it has suffered. You may negotiate afterwards but use your number as a baseline estimate.

Ask About Towing Service

Let’s say your junk car isn’t drivable – how will you get it to the seller? Unless you have a tow truck yourself, you’ll need to see if they have one. Check about towing service and see how much the fee is. If you’re getting a high enough price when you sell junk cars for money, a towing fee won’t hurt too much.

junk cars for money

Ask About Guarantees

When you sell junk cars, don’t forget to ask about guarantees. Can your buyer offer you the highest price around? If you can find a higher price in another location, will they match it? If not, you may be better off traveling out a little further if it means you’ll get a better deal when you junk the car.

See How They Pay

When you’re selling an old junk car, you may just want it off your property. However, you may also be wanting to get money quickly. If this is the case, it’s better if they pay in cash. Check beforehand, so you will know if you can skip a step in the process of having to go to the ATM or deposit a check.

Make Sure You Clean Out the Car

This one may seem a little self-explanatory, but it is worth saying just as a precaution. Before you sell that car off to be crushed and scrapped, make sure you clean out the trunk, glove box, and console compartments for any personal belongings you may have inside.

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Getting rid of a junk car is easier when you work with the right company. It helps you get a higher price and have a convenient experience.

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