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USjunkCars Blog

Does Your Car Have a Chance for a New Life After We Collect It?

Did you know that old cars that have little resale value in the United States are being towed in caravans that begin in California, Arizona and Texas and end up in Guatemala? The cars are also loaded up with old bicycles, recycled car batteries, and clothing that have been jettisoned in the United States. The vehicles are fixed up in Guatemala and sold across Central America.

The process represents how recycling doesn’t always mean destroying a car and tearing it apart, but giving a vehicle a brand new life. Your old car that has been standing in your garage or occupying your driveway for years, polluting the environment for no reason can actually become something valuable for someone else. Let alone that you getting rid of something absolutely not useful can actually help another economy and create new jobs.

Still hesitating? While you are, your old car is decreasing in its value and becoming more hazardous without being properly cared for. Contact us at USJunkCars.com and we will help you make good money and get a second life for your vehicle today!