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How Are Cars Recycled?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car after we pick it up? We decided to satisfy your curiosity and walk you through every stage:

First thing first: detailed inspection. At this stage, we examine the car and decide whether to repair and sell it or dismantle and recycle. If the car is in good condition we make sure to give it out for adoption and ensure that the next owner will take great care of your vehicle.

If the car is going to be recycled, we drain fluids and dismantling valuable parts. This step is of tremendous importance since such fluids as oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission and brake lubricants and fluids and highly toxic and can cause a lot of damage if put into the landfill.

Some valuable parts of your car can give life to multiple other cars so we sell recovered auto details. By reusing these items we not only ensure to refurbish and remanufacture them but make a big input into saving energy and raw materials.  

Once all the recyclable car parts are put to good use, the only thing that remains is car body which includes different metals. The car body is then crushed and shredded to reduce into a golf ball sized metal chunk. This metal is melted and can be reused without losing its quality.