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USjunkCars Blog

Did you know that over 27 million cars that reach the end of their useful life from around the world are recovered for recycling every year?

Fortunately, auto wreckers and recyclers like ourselves make it possible to recycle the scrap metal from cars which significantly reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. If you are still not considering recycling your old vehicle, here are some other perks of recycling that you may not know about.

Why should we recycle?

The fact that the steel from parts of your car can be reused for other purposes is one of the fundamental benefits. In this way, new ore will not be mined and a huge amount of energy will be saved for the manufacturer of recycled steel. Less mining is done and energy wasted - less mining waste, air, and water pollution.

Waste Oil

This kind of oil from the engines of our vehicle is dangerous and polluting to the environments and needs to be appropriately disposed. If oil from our cars gets dumped into the landfills, it can cause serious consequences, including contamination of waterways and groundwater. Shockingly, it takes only one liter of oil to contaminate one million liters of water! By recycling your car, you allow us to also recycle oil from it and reuse it, minimizing damage to nature.


Lead-acid car batteries can leak sulphuric acid and lead into the environment. Lead is a tremendously hazardous substance and can cause a variety of health issues, including brain and kidney damage. By recycling, we can not only save energy by recovering lead from batteries instead of producing it, but we can reuse 99 percent of battery components for manufacturing new batteries. Remember, less lead goes into the landfill - better for all of us!


Every year millions of tires end up in the landfill or are burnt. This causes significant air pollution and the runoff from the burnt tires contaminates groundwater; stockpiles become a fire hazard. Also, have a problem with mosquitoes? Very luckily that the stockpile of tires not far from you is causing this issue.

We can put your old tires to good use. Recycled tires are used for insulation blocks, vegetable planters, road surfacing and much more.

Scrap Metals

Your car contains around one metric tone of steel which can be separated from other recyclable materials. This steel can be melted down and rolled into new flat sheet steel, remaining the same quality level. The whole new car can be made from that steel with minimal damage to the environment!


Glass is a material which can be recycled many times. Recycling glass reduces energy used to produce glass from scratch and decreases the amount of glass waste put into the landfill.


Have you ever thought about how much plastic is in your car? Dashboard, bumpers, all small details make up 200 kg on average. Now imagine if all of that goes into the landfill, polluting the environment. Recycling plastic from your car is a must for every person willing to live in a clean and safe space.

How can you help the environment and benefit from it?

The first step - contact us and let us take care of your vehicle. By simply doing that you can save thousands of species and prevent air and water pollution. Need another reason to give us a call? You will get cash instantly for getting rid of your old vehicle and helping nature stay unharmed!