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Sell Your Old Car in Just Few Steps

Have an old vehicle and can’t put it to good use? Contact UsJunkCars.com and we will take care of it!

We accept cars of all years, makes and models, irrespective of its condition. Give us a call or fill out a quote telling about your location and car details so we can come up with an offer which is acceptable for you. We will schedule a pickup and our driver will give you a call when approaching. We also offer same day service. You will get paid upon the pickup of your vehicle and we can assure that you will get the exact money you agreed to, no annoying on-the-spot negotiations!

UsJunkCars.com has been in business for 28 years and we can offer not only best pricing on the market but prompt, honest and professional service. Contact us and learn more about how we recycle junk vehicles and what you can get from it.