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Junk Car Selling Tips for Consumers

Do you have a few old cars in your backyard that you’re thinking of selling?

You’ve probably considered trading in your junk cars if you’re like most Americans who are thinking of upgrading their car. The tricky part is you aren’t quite sure if they’ll get accepted.

That’s okay because there is another option to get cash for your old vehicles. You can sell the cars to junkyards that’ll be more than happy to take the cars in. Here are a few selling tips to help you get the best price for your cars.

1. Reach Out to Several Junkyards

Don’t settle on just one quote you get from one junkyard. Reach out to as many junkyards as you can in your local area and compare prices. You’ll find that some junkyards offer better quotes, but may require you to bring in the car yourself, or that they may include a towing service free, or at a fee. You’ll only know which junkyard is best after talking to a few.

2. Get the Car in Order

This involves get the car detailed if you think that it’ll be worth it. Giving the car a good cleaning both inside and out will help with getting a favorable quote. Don’t forget to take out all your personal belongings and removable customizations.

3. Break the Car

This is another option that few ever consider. You can opt to break the car and sell off different parts to different buyers. Car parts you can sell include lights, seats, wing mirrors, the battery, the wheels as well as the tires. The rest of the car can be sold to recycling junkyards.  A quick warning – it’s best to leave the steering wheel alone and let the pros dismantle it, because it could have an airbag which can launch and hurt you in the process of trying to dismantle the steering wheel. You should be able to get decent returns for the parts that you choose to sell off.

4. Consider Selling the Car Online

Find similar cars and see how the ads are worded, and the asking price. After assessing your own car, and evaluating how much it could go for, write up your own ad, take excellent photos of the car from different angles, and upload the ad online. Consider putting your car ad on as many online selling platforms as you can for wider coverage. You’d be surprised how many people are prepared to pay cash for junk cars.

5. Make Sure the Paperwork Checks Out

Before you even think of contacting the junkyards, make sure you’ve got all the paperwork for the car in order. This is especially important if your car was made in 2000 or after. If your car was manufactured and released before the year 2000 and you have no paperwork for it, don’t worry. You can sell it without complications if you can prove state registration of the vehicle.

Cash In Even On Old Cars

Just because your car is old or used doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it. Whether you’re looking to make a few extra hundred dollars or in need of cash to top up a new car purchase, it’s always a good idea to sell off any junk cars in your backyard. Don’t let your cars get old and rusty sitting out back, make sure you get a decent payout from them even when they are no longer roadworthy.