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We buy junk cars in District_of_Columbia

Cash for junk cars - District Of Columbia

5 stars, based on 33 reviews

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Average Time To Pick Up: 9 hours 23 min
Highest Weekly Price Paid: $1431
US Junk Cars - District_of_columbia

District of Columbia, District Of Columbia Office:
1-888-871-4488 -  Cash for Junk Cars District of Columbia



It’s good to know US Junk Cars is doing so well in the District of Columbia because at least you know there is finally one thing you can trust in DC. The junk car business can be a very cut throat industry, but US Junk Cars keeps everything very open and honest throughout the entire process. Unlike a lot of things in DC, we want you to feel satisfied with our performance.

With over 28 years of experience in the junk car, salvage, car removal business, our reputation speaks for itself. We have thousands of satisfied customers and testimonials to back up our friendly, professional, honest business model. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s how it works. You call one of our cash for clunkers specialists in Washington, DC at 1-888-871-4488 and answer some very basic questions about your vehicle. We buy all types of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs both foreign and domestic. It doesn’t even matter if your car runs or not, or if it’s been sitting in your yard or driveway for months or even years. It could be burned, totalled in an accident, or missing parts. We will make you an offer based on the information you provide and best of all, our quote is guaranteed.

When we arrive to pick up your vehicle, we’ll verify all of the information you provided is accurate, and once it all checks out, we’ll hand you cash for your guaranteed amount and tow your car away for FREE!. Yes, that’s right FREE. It’s that simple. Prefer a check or money order? That’s no problem either. Which ever method you choose, one of our specialists will hand you a receipt for your records once we collect your vehicle. No one in DC can beat our prices or our prompt service, often times offering same-day pick up. If it’s in the District of Columbia, we can pick it up virtually anywhere.

If you don’t have time to talk on the phone right now, but still want to start the process, you can easily email us or fill out a short form on our website and tell us about your vehicle. One of our customer service techs will call you back as soon as possible and make you and offer.

The whole process can be done the same day and takes just minutes to start. So go online or call us now at 1-888-871-4488. Put some trust and honesty back in DC and some cash in your pocket.


Customer Reviews:

By V Baker, on 09/06/2017

Very Good USJUNKCARS.COM Very professional outfit with excellent customer service skills

By Ryan, N, on 09/15/2017

Last week I called to get a quote on my 1992 Honda Accord that I smashed up a few years back. I was going to scrap it, but gave me WAY more money than I could have got from the scrap yard. Thanks.

By Bob, on 09/02/2017

Fast service and overall very smooth transaction. My old car was picked up, i got paid the same amount i was initially quoted for. A+

By Johny Dell, on 08/23/2017

I blew the engine in my Toyota. I loved the car, and hated to part with it, but I'm moving in a month and I just don't have the money to put a new engine in it. So I called US JUNK CARS, and they guy was very nice. The offer for the car was on the lower end of what I wanted to get out of it, but the only places that would pay more required me to get the car to them, or pay them to come get it. The cost and time involved in that made the free pick up much more worth it. Since it was Friday when I called, we made arrangements for them to get the car on Monday. The tow truck driver had a few issues with his truck that morning, so he called to let me know he was running late, and he was nice as could be. Once he got close, he was having trouble finding the place (my neighborhood is retarded and doesn't have streets labeled, it wasn't his fault!), so he called me again, and I talked him through how to get here. When he did, the process was quick and easy, and I got a check on the spot. It was sad to watch my car go (since it has been my favorite car so far), but with US JUNK CARS, it was a lot easier than I imagined the process could be. Thanks a lot guys!!!

By Diana, on 09/08/2017

We've had a very good experience working with The service was fast and everything from our initial phone call to the actual pickup was handled on a very professional level. A+ service provider. Thank you

By Greg Levy, on 09/08/2017

I called in, the adjuster gave me a great quote. I went through with them and they came gave me the money then went off with my sedan. I'll be sure to let my friends and family know about you guys.

By V Kosoy, on 09/20/2017

Could not be any happier! Thank you guys, i had an amazing experience with these guys, the pick up went fast and easy got my money and now i don't need to worry anymore!

By M Partridge, on 09/20/2017

I was a little tentative initially about the whole process. But after speaking to the representative by the name Edmond on the phone, who was incredibly nice, and setting the pick up time and date, I felt much better. Very easy, smooth process. I even received a follow up call after the pick up to ensure everything went ok. Keep it Up Guys. Thanks!!! A+++

By Chris, on 08/26/2017

I just moved to the Big City and don't need a vehicle anymore. I have a 92 F-150, so I wasn't going to get much for it if I tried to sell it so I tried out I was able to pay one month's rent AND utilities with the money I made!

By Jack Dowson, on 10/06/2017

Came orderly and on time. Very friendly fast service.

By Aaron Ally, on 09/24/2017

They were very polite and the tow truck was on time. They did everything that they promised! Would recommend!

By J Smith, on 08/28/2017

They were very polite and the tow truck was on time. They did everything that they promised! Would recommend!

By A Waren, on 09/28/2017

Just my experience It was very smooth. The people that i dealt with checked up on my truck, got everything organized and i got a fair amount of money for my truck. All i like to say is i give compliments to the company for very efficient service and fast its just amazing. I wish more businesses ran that way!

By Dan, on 08/29/2017

Last week I called to get a quote on my 1992 Honda Accord that I smashed up a few years back. I was going to scrap it, but gave me WAY more money than I could have got from the scrap yard. Thanks!!

By Alexis Brown, on 09/25/2017

Quick, efficient and worry free. Very nice on phone and were straight with me. The tow trunk was in time and also friendly.

By Arthur, on 09/08/2017

Very happy! Top cash and fast pickup. Thank you!

By Michelle Partridge, on 08/27/2017

Totaled my car 1997 Buick Lesabre. They wrote a check to the towing company and mailed one to us. Painless, would definitely use them again.

By Mike Ohm, on 09/08/2017

I couldn't be more thankful to the representatives from USJUNKCARS.COM!! Considering the circumstances in which my broken down car left me in, they were more than efficient, quick, and incredibly dependable with the removal of the car. If only car dealers were as honest and reliable as these guys, I probably wouldn't have called them in the first place! Thanks again!

By Carl Johnson, on 09/10/2017

This was a stress free, worry free service for our junk. Received cash and a new parking spot. Would recommend them for others not wanted to stress out over junk cars or trucks.

By Julio Davila, on 09/16/2017

I would definitely recommend these guys. They were quick and courteous. Did what they said they would, arrived right on time! Towed car for free and gave us a check, no problems! A+

By Kelly W., on 08/29/2017

Great service, right on time. Received guarantee quote amount with no questions asked. Thanks again. A+++

By James K., on 09/01/2017

My ford was picked up in about an hour or so after i spoke to Friendly and professional service - i recommend this company. A+

By Henry D., on 09/29/2017

Very fast service. Got the best price after shopping around. A++ service. Thank you. Very Happy!

By Judy, on 08/26/2017

I bought a house in Jacksonville (FL), on the countryside, and unfortunately (or fortunately!) there were a couple of junk cars in the barn. I was not looking forward to having to deal with them and then I found I was expecting to spend a few hundred dollars to get rid of them and instead they paid me to take them! I am about $1K richer and my barn is clean. WIN, WIN!

By Cristie K., on 10/04/2017

I'd have to say my experience with this company was as smooth as butter, from start to finish. They handled all the paper work for me and picked up my car the same day. Thank you.

By L Wayne, on 09/28/2017

I would definitely recommend these guys. They were quick and courteous. Did what they said they would do, right on time! Towed car for free and gave us the Cash, no problems!

By Vasya S, on 10/02/2017

You are the best company to deal with. Highest price I got for my 2003 Honda Accord. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!

By James Lomax, on 09/21/2017

AWESOME!! I called UsJunkCars.Com then called around. They gave me the best price, picked the car up the same day and gave me a Cash upon pick up. Great customer service and quick pick up. If another car dies on me, they will be the first ones I call.

By Dan, on 09/05/2017

Really fast service. Not much talks - got my cash and my junker is out of my property - THANK YOU!

By Denny D., on 09/04/2017

BEST SERVICE! Fast, good cash, no questions asked. Very professional company. Took them about a day to take care of my junker.

By Kathrene Williams, on 10/03/2017

he team was proffesional and gave a fair price for the old van and car. i don't think there is a better deal in the area.

By Denny, on 10/02/2017

Fast and reliable junkers. Good cash also!

By Vasko, on 09/23/2017

Fast and easy! They came over the next day with a check and towed the car away. It couldn't be any easier! Keep it Up Guys!!! Thanks USJunkCars.Com

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